The one feature of the face that causes more concern than any other is skin around the eyes. From the moment that first fine line or wrinkle becomes apparent many will become obsessed with trying to eradicate these so called ‘signs of ageing’.

The skin of the eye area is very prone to becoming dry and therefore prone to wrinkling because this area has no oil producing glands in the skin, unlike the rest of the face. It is the natural oils in the skin that provide lubrication keeping it flexible and minimising the formation of lines.

Here are just a few simple tricks of the trade to minimise these lines:

  • remember that the skin of the eye area is much finer, thinner and more delicate than anywhere else on the face.
  • use your ring finger (the one next to your little finger) when applying any products to this area because this finger provides the lightest pressure.
  • always use movements inwards towards the nose when applying products to the skin under the eye. This helps to reduce stretching of this very delicate skin.
  • water-based products e.g. eye gels are preferable for treating the skin around the eye. When the product is absorbed the body utilises the water more easily than oils in a cream or lotion based product. Heavier oil based eye creams often cause puffiness under the eye because the oil ‘sits’ under the skin.
  • always protect the skin of the eye with eye primer, a light moisturiser or foundation before applying powder eyeshadow as this has a very drying effect on this skin.
  • when plucking eyebrows take great care not to stretch the skin or frown – frowning is probably the biggest cause of wrinkles around the eyes.
  • follow Tip #4: Deep lines.

More tips on how to make the most of this beautiful feature to follow.