Whilst we may decide to only work very hard to improve the skin on our bodies for the spring and summer months, when our flesh is more exposed, there is no doubt that the face that will turn heads (of both men and women) is that with perfect, glowing and healthy skin all year round.

Magazines are full of perfect looking air-brushed faces that would have us believe that we are all ‘imperfect’ and failures at skin care. The truth is twofold:

  • the magazines and advertising are invariably lying to us with the images they place before us. They are increasingly getting caught out and taken to task by the Advertising Standards Authority, but the punishment is minor in terms of the impact on their revenue.
  • no matter what the media portrays as ‘perfect’, we can on an individual level strive to achieve the perfect complexion – it is possible.

The answer is not in just one brand or any one type of product. A regime where you understand your skin and take the time and trouble to care for it will give exceptional results. Firstly you must know your skin type – normal (very rare), dry, oily or combination (a mix of dry and oily). Any of these ‘skin types’ can be sensitive or problematic although the dry skin types tend to be more sensitive and the oily skin type more problematic.

Achieving ‘normal skin’ is a process of treatment, lifestyle, diet and even possibly medical considerations. There are very, very few mortals that just have wonderful skin.

If you put in the ground work of understanding your skin and then establish a routine you can stick to (apart form those very, very late nights), then you can achieve superb results. A consultation with a professional, experienced beauty therapist (not a cosmetics counter consultant – who only wants to make a sale of the brand she works for) will help you understand your skin and its needs. She may well also advise some products for cleansing, toning, moisturising and home treatments such as masks. Follow this routine morning and night and results should be obvious. If not then the products are not appropriate.

The things you can do easily and cheaply for yourself that will make an enormous contribution to the perfect end result are:

  • cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night with appropriate products.
  • exfoliate with a gentle but effective product once a week.
  • drink plenty of water.
  • reduce alcohol intake – especially wine.
  • eat healthily, with little or preferably no convenience or take-away foods.
  • exercise regularly – a good circulation benefits a healthy skin enormously, as it brings nutrients for cell growth and takes away impurities that leave the skin looking dull and lifeless.
  • don’t smoke – it pollutes your face like putting your face behind the exhaust pipe of a car, and it also causes awful lines around your mouth.
  • make sure your moisturiser and foundation has an SPF factor for daily protection.
  • wear a hat in intense sunshine to shade your delicate facial skin.
  • wear sunglasses in sunlight and also on any bright day to minimse lines around the eyes (Tip # 4: Deep Lines).
  • do not sunbathe excessively as this turns facial skin into a leathery, lined disaster..
  • use tinted moisturiser, foundation or bronzer to achieve the shade and glow you love.

There is no lazy, or pay a lot of money, quick way to great skin. This holy grail truly lies in caring, regularly for your precious facial skin. If your skin is not perfect now you need to make changes, and you probably know what they are. Follow these simple rules and your skin will serve you well for a lifetime.

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