This morning I saw the very first ‘mock-ups’ of my products. It was the most amazing thrill.

The thrill comes not just from seeing the products – my products – but from the ownership of the opportunity to the deliver something I can ‘own’ completely. As a beauty therapist of now 40 years, I have always had to rely on the quality, integrity and performance of products that someone else has designed and formulated. That is not to say that all of the products out there have not had time, experience and expertise lavished on them. However there is usually one person doing the design and then other person formualting the products. They and many others are a part of the chain and it is a job to do within the process. How many in that process actively work on skin and understand the issues around skin care?

It is rare to find someone that is involved in the process from beginning to end. I have been asked repeatedly ‘what do you use on your skin?’, ‘do you use all one brand?’. Well the answer is that until now I have never been able to use all of one brand. I have scoured the brands to find the products that best suit my skin and I have used the best of everything I could find – and best is not always ‘most expensive’.

The lessons I have learned from my own skin and that of treating thousands of clients is that skin responds better to quality ingredients but simplicity in delivery to the skin. This is the ethos behind ‘Love Your Skin’. I am determined that the products will be kind to your skin, and kind to your purse. That does not mean the products are cheap. What is doeas mean is that you will pay for prodcuts that will deliver the results you want and you will not need a huge variety of products to achieve your goal. Everything will have a purpose and there will not be mulitples of variations that you are encouraged to purchase in order to swell the profits of the manufacturer.

I want to put the control of your skin CARE into your hands, with education and a quality product.

It’s on the way…….and it’s getting closer…..