I was asked last night, by a bride-to-be about false eyelashes for her wedding.

False eyelashes are one of those items that go in and out of fashion. Currently they are very much IN, which is great and brings back so many memories of my youth. As a beauty therapy and hairdressing student of the early seventies I wore false eyelashes almost every day. Dedicated and obsessed with make-up my fellow students and I would practice daily the skills of fashion application, with Laura being the queen of eye-make-up and wearing sometimes three sets of strip lashes on her top lids and two sets on her lower lids. This sounds awful but the skilled application and spectacular result was something to marvel at. We were students of the Mary Quant, Twiggy and Biba era and make-up was in something of a revolution stage in its history.

Well , in truth, make-up never goes out of fashion but we certainly go through periods when the ‘natural’ look is fashionable and it is believed that the natural look is achieved by wearing less make-up. The reality is that a natural look often requires just as much make-up as any other look, but just differnet shades of colour.

Sadly though, when an item like false eyelashes goes out of fashion it becomes almost impossible to buy them anywhere.

Right now though we are in the middle of an eyelashes revival. None of us have been fooled by the L’Oreal, Maybelline and many others, misleading and frankly patronising advertising of eyelashes growing and thickening before our eyes on their TV adverts for mascara using celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Penelope Cruz (who should, in my opinion, have a conscience when advertising such blatant lies).

We do not have to resort to thick, almost theatrical lashes which would be more appropriate for the stage, to achieve a wonderful set of lashes. The first choice you have to make is either for a professional application which will last and require little if any maintenence from you, or the application of strip lashes which you can easily do yourself. You will require a consultation with your therapist to discuss the options available for a professional set of lashes which will be attached to your lashes with adhesive and will stay in place until you naturally shed your lash or have them professionally removed. This can be an expensive and time consuming process as it requires professional maintainence visits to the salon.

The cheaper option is to purchase a set of strip lashes, of which there are currently an endless variety of styles and they are available in chemists and supermarkets as well as beauty wholesale outlets. I have two favourites at the moment – Eylure Ready to Wear Pre Glued Lashes (no messy glue to apply) and Revlon Beyond Natural Defining 91148, where you get two sets of lashes for great value but sadly no glue. Revlon, do you have any idea how irritating it is to get home and find there is no glue in the set?

Application of these beautiful soft lashes will make any eye look amazing. It takes no more than 5 minutes to apply a set and achieve instant fabulous lashes. I promise you that applying mascara well, is much harder and takes longer, with not always such a great result.

I will follow this blog with ‘Application of Falsies’ – easy to follow tips for a professional application in your own home. Go buy some today and you will be ready to practice with my guidance, for stunning lashes by the weekend.