You have had two nights this week for the ‘Eastenders’ 30 minute pedicure so now it’s time for ‘Movin on up’.

There is no point having lovely feet and toenails for your beautiful summer shoes if the legs above those feet have been neglected.

There is no doubt that the skin on our legs suffers from winter hibernation. No matter how well you moisturise and hydrate your legs after bathing, the combination of being covered up in a variety of fabrics from woollen socks, tights and trousers to being in a dry, centrally heated atmosphere for months on end will result in skin that looks dry, scaley and dingy. And if you are really honest – how well have you been moisturising during the last seven autumn and winter months? I will bet that often your good intentions have been overriden by the knowledge that you are going to cover them up anyway so ‘why bother – I’ll do it next time’. For those of you who moisturise religiously I apologise for lumping you in with the majority who most certainly do not.

Now, if you really want the silky smooth legs to go with the beautifully manicured feet that are ready for the warm sunny days ahead then there are a few simple tips that you really must immediately start doing daily. Each of these is also very useful in the treatment of cellulite – watch for another tip on this.

  • body brush the leg from the ankle upwards – lower leg first and then the thigh working all around and always brushimg with upwards strokes. This will help release and remove dead skin cells which will have accumulated, but more importantly it will stimulate the circulation to improve the colour of the skin. This is particularly important if you suffer from ‘corned beef legs’, i.e. those that constantly have a mauve, mottled appearance
  • use a body exfoliator at least twice a week. Massage firmly all over the legs before rinsing off. This will acheive the same results as point 1, encouraging the long term improvement in smoothness and colour
  • finally, hydrate the skin with a water-based product that the skin will readily absorb and then moisturise by massaging in (again with upward movements) an oil or cream to leave a silky touch and dewy appearance

Voila! You are now ready for the first sunny WARM day, and those shorts, skirts and dresses…

Of course I have assumed you have been dealing with the hair on your legs throughout the winter! If not, then look out for another of my tips.