I am asked many times what I do to keep my hands looking so young. Hands are one of the prime ‘giveaway’ signs of ageing, along with the face, neck and decollette.

I promise you that my hands are not those of a pampered lifestyle. As a mother of four, and having worked as a hairdresser for many years my hands have seen more than their fair share of hard work and chemicals. I am not a rubber glove wearer (although I would always recommend them) and I did not have a dishwasher until very recent years.

So, how do I have these smooth and young looking hands?

The simple answer is that I have always protected and hydrated my hands with products, creating a continual barrier between my skin and the water, grime, chemicals and abrasives that damage the skin.

Whatever your preference, be it cream, gel or lotion, you just cannot use too much or too often.

If you have fair skin it is particularly important that you chose something with a SPF to help reduce the appearance of brown pigment marks, although there is nothing you can do to completely avoid them on any skin type or shade.

If you are very busy and feel that you do not have time for regular hand moisturising and hydrating then I would recommend my favourite – a hand gel. These water-based products are brilliant at hydrating the skin and not just making the skin feel lubricated and flexible like most creams and lotions. They are also quickly absorbed into the skin, speeding up the process and leaving the skin grease free, with no tackiness.

My new range from LYS – London, which will launch summer 2010 will have the perfect answer to perfect hands – a plumping, hydrating and moisturising hand gel with an SPF.