A few clear blue skies keep tempting us into believing that it is just around the corner – that glorious day when you just know that winter is over and spring has arrived.

With spring comes the desire to become active and prepare for those long, hopefully warm days yet to come. Very soon you will be breaking out the bare legs (already discussed in Tip #5), shoulders, arms, decollette, even midriff and possibly more! If you are to look your best then there is skin preparation to get underway now.

Everyone would love their skin to look fresh, smooth, healthy and glowing – just like all of the air-brushed pictures in the magazines. You can achieve this but not with a one off body scrub and a quick application of moisturiser.

The process begins now with establishing a daily routine – the sort of routine we find easy on holiday but forget for the rest of the year.

  • showering or bathing should now include a daily gentle body exfoliator all over, paying particular attention to areas that build up dead skin cells e.g. heels, ankles, elbows and knees. This should include areas where the circulation is poor which can result in poor textured skin e.g. thighs, upper arms, buttocks – where the surface of the skin can feel rough and have the appearance of small pimples. This process can be reduced to once or twice a week once your skin is feeling smooth and looking healthy and fresh.
  • moisturising twice daily with your preferred moisturiser – lotion, gel, cream or oil. The massaging into the skin is as important as the product you use because the movement of your hands over the skin increases the blood flow and makes the skin more supple. A good blood supply to the skin is essential for healthy skin. Blood brings nutrients to encourage new cell growth and takes away the waste products which can leave the skin looking sluggish and dingy.
  • a moisturiser with added Vitamin E is ideal for improving poor textured or rough skin.
  • for a really healthy glow all year round use a moisturiser that gives a gentle bronze to the skin.
  • once the sunny days truly arrive and your skin is the on show your moisturiser must contain a SPF to provide adequate protection from the suns harmful rays. Yes, even for a British summer.

Follow these two easy steps regularly and beautiful skin will be your in just two weeks…..

Tomorrow – I will give you tips for that special summer facial glow.