04 Mar 2010

Tip #5: Movin’ on up

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You have had two nights this week for the ‘Eastenders’ 30 minute pedicure so now it’s time for ‘Movin on up’. There is no point having lovely feet and toenails for your beautiful summer shoes if the legs above those feet have been neglected. […]

02 Mar 2010

Tip #4: Deep Lines

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I twittered this morning about feeling more comfortable wearing my sunglasses as the sun was actually shining. I still, at my age feel uncomfortable wearing them on a cloudy day – what must people think – what indeed do I think when I see […]

01 Mar 2010

Tip #3: I just looked down

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Did you know that even as seasoned therapist, who prides herself on a high level of ‘self care’ (time allowing) I can look down in the shower, on that first sunny day of Spring and be quite ashamed at the state of my feet.This […]