This is the skin type we all aspire to. It is skin that presents no problems – not too oily, or too dry and with no blemishes or sensitivity. Normal skin is characterised by a radiant complexion with barely visible pores, few or no imperfections. It is also low sensitivity.

In reality there are very few people that are blessed with no problem ‘normal skin’. Most of us are not even totally one of the other skin types. Different areas of our face, neck and décolleté are a mix of skin types, with some areas either drier or greasier than others. Skin produces natural, lubricating and protecting oil called sebum, but it often does not get the production of this oil at the correct level. Too much and the skin becomes excessively greasy and too little and the skin becomes too dry. Just the right amount of oil to protect and lubricate the skin results in normal skin type.

For Normal Skin, cleanse and exfoliate with our Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash. This lovely product is gentle meaning it won’t strip the skin or disrupt its natural pH balance. It will however remove all traces of make-up, dirt and oil, and safely exfoliate. If you prefer more cream-based or lighter, water-based cleansers then choose our Complete Cleansing Crème Lotion or Complete Cleansing Water respectively. All of our cleansers are suitable for normal skin types - it’s merely just a matter of preference.

Between cleansing and mositurising, before make-up or just when hot and sticky, refresh using the Floral Hydrating Spritzer.

Soften and smooth your skin with our luxury moisturiser. This Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser is rich in collagen and vitamin E to feed your skin the nutrients it deserves.  It is also smooth and lightweight and can be teamed with one of our serums for a bespoke skincare regime.

Normal skin is problem free and will not require specific serums. To maintain this perfect balance however rotating the serums and applying once or twice a week will help nourish and protect this healthy skin type.

Apply a layer of Collagen Body Moisturising Gel as a non-setting mask, once or twice a week to assist in boosting hydration.



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  1. Collagen Body Moisturising Gel

    Collagen Body Moisturising Gel 500ml


    A water-based moisturising gel rich in natural collagen with added Evening Primrose and Aloe Vera, to provide an intensive cooling and hydrating experience.

  2. Calming & Soothing Facial Serum

    Calming & Soothing Facial Serum


    A easily absorbed water-based serum, rich in Chamomile and Seabuckthorn to calm and sooth sensitive skin and reduce high colour.

  3. Purifying & Balancing Facial Serum

    Purifying & Balancing Facial Serum


    An easily absorbed water-based serum, rich in Sage and Tea Tree to help rebalance greasiness and reduce blemishes.

  4. Smoothing & Re-texturising Facial Serum

    Smoothing & Re-texturising Facial Serum


    A easily absorbed water-based serum rich in Centella and Willow Bark to help smooth surface of the skin and reduce scarring from blemishes.

  5. Brightening & Clarifying Facial Serum

    Brightening & Clarifying Facial Serum


    An easily absorbed water-based serum rich in Moringa, Pomegranate and Cranberry to brighten and clarify dull, lifeless skin.

  6. Arnica Body Moisturising Gel

    Arnica Body Moisturising Gel 500ml


    A natural water-based moisturising gel rich in Arnica Montana, which is renown for its soothing benefits after trauma to skin, muscle and joints. With added Lavender and Geranium to aid relaxation.