Wouldn’t it be great if your skin was just plain old ‘normal’ all the time? Sadly though, like any other thing that functions and has several working parts, things can malfunction or become unbalanced. Skin is notorious for being in a constant state of imbalance, usually from the onset of puberty and then with endless other skin issues throughout our lives.

Skincare is primarily about trying to restore balance to the skins functioning parts. Sadly many products aim to only create a ‘feel’ or ‘appearance’ of perfect balanced skin, on the surface.

Love Your Skin products are all created with the aim to improve the balance and functioning of the skin for long term, sustainable skin improvement.

Factors that need to be considered are primarily skin texture and thickness, natural oil production and skin sensitivity.


There are 4 skin types. Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination. These are the skin types.


Many books and beauty writers will tell you that there are other skin types – sensitive, mature and pigmented. These are NOT skin types. Sensitive, mature and pigmented skin are all skin conditions which may develop due to external, environmental and lifestyle factors and aging.

Any one of the normal, greasy, dry or combination skin types can be sensitive whilst mature skin can also be any of the skin types.

As we age, it is common that our skin type can change. Whilst oily skin is common amongst teenagers and young adults, over time skin loses much of its elasticity and can become drier and less firm. Mature skin is rarely very greasy, but can certainly be combination and often it is completely dry.

Dry skin is certainly more prone to sensitivity. As skin tends to become drier with age, a mature skin is therefore usually dry with the associated characteristics of more lines and wrinkles. But greasy skin can be, and often is very sensitive.

An uncomplicated and consistent skincare regime will help ensure that your skin stays in optimum condition.  That’s why we at Love Your Skin have developed a modest yet uncomplicated skincare range as we believe that you don’t need lots of products to have flawless skin.  In fact, too many products can be detrimental to your skin. As most of us lead busy, hectic lifestyles our skin is exposed to the elements on a daily basis as well as pollution, alcohol, smoke and the stresses of everyday modern life. Our unique, natural skincare range will help combat all of these environmental and lifestyle factors.

The Love Your Skin range is designed to complement, treat and assist your skin in it's normal functions, enhance its performance and perfect its appearance. Once you understand and can recognise the signs and signals your skin presents, you can then begin to treat your skin effectively with your Love Your Skin range of skincare. NOW look to each skin type on the side to establish which one, or combination you are.