The Apothecary Set

Prescriptive skincare moisturising. A set of four serums, with a Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser to allow you to customise your day and night moisturising to meet your skin requirements day by day.
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The Apothecary Set

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The Love Your Skin Apothecary Set empowers you to provide customised daily skincare at a professional level - in your own home. No more need to buy endless products to treat different areas, conditions and issues on your skin. Use either the Collagen Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser on its own or add one or more of the treatment serums to form a prescriptive moisturiser. Serums can be applied before the moisturiser for topical treatment and then blended into the moisturiser when the condition settles to maintain optimum results. Containing serums to handle every skin issue from dull, lifeless, to irritated, sensitive and even blemished and uneven textured skin, this kit is the answer to your daily skincare needs between professional treatments.

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