Smoothing & Re-texturising Facial Serum


30ml / £1.00 PER ML

Smoothing & Re-texturising Facial Serum

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Customer Reviews (4)


By Sharon H on 16 Aug, 2014
“I have been using this Serum for about 3 months on some uneven skin under my bottom lip. It has some slight scarring from teenage acne over 20 years ago! I cannot believe the difference I can see already! The serum is a real pleasure to use as it's cool and easily and quickly absorbed leaving no residue. I would highly recommend this Serum to anyone with uneven skintone”

Brilliance in a Bottle

By Kerry on 26 Mar, 2014
“I have been using this wonderful serum since the brand was launched. I used to have quite dehydrated skin due to my job as a flight attendant. My skin suffered from the dry atmosphere on board and normal moisturising just wasnt enough to cope with the wrinkles and saggy skin around my neck. Since using this serum my skin is visibly smoother and the crepiness has all but gone. I dont use the moisturiser on my face but always use Collagen Moisturising Gel as I prefer a water based product on my skin. The LYS London brand is so simple to use and straight forward for a guy to use! ”

a must have

By rhys on 17 Feb, 2013
“I use 3 of the serums for various things but this is like no other within seconds of being placed over your skin it has a glass like finish and feels velvet like soft. It drys down super quick and has a result you would never think could be achieved with a water based gel serum.”

My Skin's Never Felt Smoother!

By Rosie on 27 Jul, 2012
“A Must Have For Any Beauty Regime.”

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