Our Philosophy

Whilst any one of us can have a reaction to any ingredient – even those approved for use in cosmetic preparations – we are continually learning which ingredients are more likely to produce an allergic reaction.

When I trained – back in the70’s - we had far less knowledge and understanding and many of the ingredients used then have since gone on to be either banned or restricted in the levels of use within a product.

Most recently, the Mail newspaper and BBC Watchdog exposed the alarming levels of allergy being reported on the ingredient Methylisothiazolinone which is currently an approved preservative. Having reached epidemic proportions of reaction I suspect it will not be too long before this ingredient is also banned.

We must continue to respond to all evidence that comes to light about any ingredient either chemical or natural, restricting its use or banning where appropriate.

But what about the extensive list of ingredients that are not banned but that we are fully aware are more likely to cause skin irritation. Ingredients that we have known this about for years but that many, often large companies continue to use, often in very expensive products, despite knowing this.

There is always a reason for an ingredient to be included in a formula. Unfortunately it is not always because it is the best quality or the one that will produce the best result for the user. Very often is it is a decision based on price rather than on what is considered to be consumer preference.

Let’s explore:

Fragrance – known to be a potential skin irritant it can be totally left out of a product. Some brands actively market their products on being ‘fragrance free’ for this very reason. However the industry knows that one of the main selling features of any skincare or cosmetic product is the fragrance. Just watch anyone buying a new product – the first thing a consumer usually does is smell and feel the product. Rarely does anyone read the ingredients list first to help make a decision on their purchase!

Whilst fragrance can irritate the skin, there are very few people that need ‘fragrance free’ products. What most people react to is too much fragrance in the product.

It is a decision that every company has to make – ‘fragrance free’ and lose the consumer that likes fragrance but use the ‘Fragrance Free’ aspect as a marketing tool. High levels of fragrance as this is guaranteed to attract most consumers but take the risk that many may experience a reaction. Or add just enough fragrance to make the use of the product pleasant but minimising the risk to the consumer , whilst– giving them the best of both worlds. Guess which we chose?

Lanolin - is the natural waxy substance produced by wool producing animals e.g. sheep, which provides waterproofing for their coats. It is extracted by squeezing the wool through rollers and used for a variety of purposes. This ingredient is the animal version of human sebum, the protective grease that lubricates and waterproofs our skin.

As a natural lubricating ingredient it has the potential to be of benefit to particularly dry areas of skin and is known in both the skincare and medical professions for its hydrating properties. The problem with Lanolin has always been not the natural ingredient itself but the other things it may contain due to its extraction from sheep. The original allergies to this ingredient were mainly due to pesticides and other environmental pollutants that the sheep wool was exposed to and which was present in large quantities in their lanolin. Whilst procedures are in place to monitor and regulate the levels of any unwanted ‘nasties’ remaining in lanolin after the purification process, Love Your Skin do not use lanolin for two main reasons. The first is that no matter what the regulations say about acceptable levels of chemicals (mainly pesticides) within the lanolin we do not want to take the chance when other alternatives are available. The second reason is that it is a very rich and heavy product which whilst protecting and lubricating the skin also tends to clog the skin, potentially causing many other skin care issues. Love Your Skin says NO to lanolin as from my experience hydra-gels provide equally if not more efficient hydration without the disadvantages of either clogging the skin or potential exposure to known sensitizers.

Mineral Oil - Most mineral oil is a liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum. Need I actually say any more? It is available in a variety of forms – light to heavy grade for many uses but it still, despite many years of refining remains a very cheap ingredient which poses potential skin hazards if included in skincare and cosmetics. Whilst a naturally occurring ingredient this doesn’t automatically make it the most suitable for skin care. There are three ways in which moisturisers moisturise:

  1. Occlusive which means covering your skin up so water can’t evaporate

  2. Humectant which attracts water and keeps it next to the skin

  3. Emollient which makes your skin just feel soft

Mineral oil is occlusive forming a film over your skin. Whilst this helps the skin retain its moisture levels it also, from my experience stops the skin from freely performing a couple of its natural functions, sweating and producing sebum both of which can lead to clogging of the skins pores.

For these reasons, Love Your Skin will not compromise the quality of its skincare experience and does not use mineral oil.

Parabens – in 1998 there was a medical article published that talked of a possible link between parabens and the development of certain cancers, primarily breast cancer. Whilst there has been a lot of documented counter claims showing that this is not the case, we at Love Your Skin are of the opinion that where consumer safety is concerned, and where very suitable alternative ingredients are available, we will not include anything that has had a bad press – albeit a possibly inaccurate press. Sadly there is no going back if down the line the claims are once again substantiated so until it has been proved beyond any doubt that there is no link our position is ‘LYS – NO PARABENS’.

SLS – otherwise known as Sodium Laureth (Lauryl) Sulphate is a detergent used in most cleansing body product i.e. shower gels and bath soaks. It is a cheap ingredient that is used primarily to keep the price of these products low. However YOUR SKIN pays a high price for having this harsh ingredient in your skincare. It strips your skin of its’ natural oils leaving it feeling dry and taut with often a flaky, scaly appearance. Excessive stripping of the skins natural protective oils which help lubricate the skin will leave the skin so parched of moisture that it will be prone to cracking and even more likely to experience skin sensitivity – at worst possibly triggering dermatitis or eczema . Of course the upside for companies using this cheap ingredient is that you will be reaching for body moisturiser the second you have finished drying your dry, taut, parched skin – and guess who probably makes the moisturiser you are using???? Just maybe the same company that makes the cheap shower gel! I rest my case.

At Love Your Skin we truly do love your skin and only use kind to the skin ingredients. Whilst you do pay more per ml for the product it is not excessive and you will find that you use much less than of the cheaper variety so in fact it does not work out any dearer in the long run. You will still get the same amount of bubbles but much creamier foam on the skin that is rich and hydrating – not stripping the skin. When drying your skin after bathing it will not feel dry and tight, instead it will feel smooth and flexible. Surely there is no choice for excellent body skincare.

MI – otherwise known as Methylisothiazolinone is an approved preservative ingredient used in many cosmetic and skincare brands. Recently it has come to light that large numbers of consumers are experiencing an allergic reaction to this ingredient. These reactions vary in their severity but can be extensive and in some cases even life threatening as it can result in swelling of the neck, restricting airways – this would prove fatal without immediate medical assistance. The numbers have hit the 10% mark which warrants a leading dermatologist to state that this has reached epidemic proportions. In the past another preservative ingredient was eventually banned from use after the levels of reaction reached 4.5%.

This chemical preservative is used in large numbers of very well known and popular high street brands – names you have known and loved for years – and this includes products for babies’ skin.

Whilst still an approved ingredient for use in cosmetics and skincare we feel it is the responsibility of every brand to protect the consumer and withdraw products with this ingredient from the shelves. Love Your Skin products have never contained this ingredient.

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