Oil Free Moisturiser

Whilst serums have smaller molecules which can penetrate deep into the skin’s layers, moisturisers are slightly heavier so primarily work on the top layers. The primary aim of a moisturiser is to hydrate and protect your skin, helping to seal in moisture. At Love Your Skin, we have developed a unique intensive oil free moisturiser to suit all skin types - whether it’s a moisturiser for oily skin, dry skin, combination or normal, our luxury moisturiser will suit all your skin’s needs.  Created to provide the base of your moisturising routine, this hero product was designed to be teamed with one of our face serums in order to provide a personalised skincare regime. 

Our Intensive Hydra-Gel Oil Free Moisturiser is essentially a collagen cream lotion packed with collagen protein to help boost skin’s moisture, leaving you with a plumped, youthful complexion.  This oil free moisturiser also contains Vitamin E, a powerful, natural antioxidant which is known for its skin healing and smoothing properties. Perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and minor scarring. Bursting with natural active ingredients to lock in moisture and hydrate your skin, this intensive face cream not only delivers great results at an affordable price, but is also natural skincare at its finest.  

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  1. Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser

    Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser


    Rich in collagen and with added Vitamin E a light, yet intensive water-based hydrating moisturiser.