Facial Toner


Toners in general have become a confusing and misleading part of our skincare regime as they do nothing to improve the skin type. They are often just used out of habit or to re-balance the skin following the use of cleanser that has left uncomfortable residue on the skin.

The Refresh & Rebalance Floral Hydrating Spritzer is the perfect facial toner. Using this professionally formulated and designed skin spritzer, ‘toning’ becomes an essential part of your skincare routine. Containing a sophisticated blend of rich, natural actives including frankincense, myrrh and rose, this hydrating toner delivers anti-ageing, cell renewing and healing benefits to all skin types. A treatment, not just a toner!

Your skin will not only feel refreshed and hydrated after cleansing but you will also experience tightened pores and a brighter complexion. Use on a hot day to help cool and rehydrate ‘heat stressed’ skin. The perfect travel companion to re-hydrate your skin and the essential pre make-up cooler for a professional, flawless make-up application.

Team with our Oil Free Moisturiser for plump, firm and silky smooth skin.

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  1. Floral Hydrating Spritzer

    Floral Hydrating Spritzer


    A floral blend to cool, refresh and rebalance with Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose and Aloe Vera. Ideal for hot stressed skin or when travelling.