Bath & Shower Body Care

Having the right products to accompany your bath or shower will make all the difference to your washing experience.  Just as your face needs a consistent routine to ensure it is in optimum condition, so too does your body.

Get your day off to a good start by pampering your body with our range of bath & shower body care products.  Our unique collection will not only revamp your body care regime, making washing a fun part of your day but will also give your skin a new lease of life.  We have developed a Bath & Shower collection, part of our Body Care range which is specially formulated to suit all your body’s requirements.  

An example being our stunning Arnica range which features a Body Moisturising Gel and a Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel.  This range is great for anyone who exercises regularly or leads an active lifestyle. Our Arnica Gel takes it name from nature's finest ingredient, Arnica Montana which is known for it’s soothing capabilities, helping to alleviate aching limbs, muscles and joints.  Suitable for both men and women, find out what all the hype is about here.  

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  1. Arnica Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel

    Arnica Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel 200ml (imperfect label)

    Special Price: £7.99

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Rich in Arnica Montana, Lavender and Geranium this is the ideal bath and shower soak and cleansing gel to sooth and relax tired, stressed or traumatised skin, muscles or joints.

  2. Collagen Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel

    Collagen Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel 200ml (imperfect label)

    Special Price: £7.99

    Regular Price: £12.99

    A bath and shower cleansing gel rich in Collagen, Evening Primrose and Aloe Vera for a complete, luxurious cleansing experience. Rich in Omega six fatty acids and cooling Aloe Vera this is the ideal cleansing wash and soak for dry, sensitive or heat stressed skin.