I recently heard Joan Collins talking of the lack of glamour in our lives. You would suspect that one place that you would probably still be able to see a little glamour would be at one of the major professional beauty shows.

Sadly not. After an aborted attempt to attend Olympia Beauty on Sunday – the queues for even pre-registered visitors stretched around the building, 2 hours after the doors opened – I made my way there for another attempt yesterday.

Easier to get in, yes. Less visitors, definitely. Disappointed, most certainly.

If I had not met professional beauty colleagues of many years and talked with them for quite a while, I would have been in and out in less than one hour. Not only is there very little new and exciting, there is very, very little that looks or presents itself as professional. Of course the major names never fail to maintain standards, but there were fewer major names there.

The bulk of the floor space is filled by what I call ‘here today, gone tomorrow’  brands that are not staffed by beauty professionals. They have the cheek to try and sell to beauty professionals, when there is not a beauty professional on their stand to discuss benefits with and they don’t even know what they are talking about.

My two biggest issues are

  1. the exhibitors that are ‘nothing’ to do with beauty.  Tarot cards?  Maybe they are there to tell us of the decline and demise of the British Beauty Industry.
  2. the degrading and frankly nasty business of members of the public (s0 called beauty professionals) stripping off to have a cheap fake tan applied – often in full view of everyone. I really do not know what depths we are sinking to. Exhibitions are known to be worth a visit to make very ‘special deal’ purchases – but really girls, is there nowhere that you will draw the line.

Other professional exhibitions only allow entry to serious professionals, and do not insult those professionals with tacky, non relevent exhibitors.

I was apporached by a woman wanting to run a spiked roller around my eyes. Not only did she not appear to be a beauty professional, that roller was being rolled on one face after another with no thought of hygiene. Personally, I would not have bought a hotdog off that stand.

After today, Love Your Skin will not be exhibiting at this exhibition next year. I probably won’t be visiting again either.

Sadly for our profession, they probably will not care – as long as there is another handbag or jewelry supplier to fill what could have been my space.

Keep an eye on www.lys-london.com to know where we will be exhibiting in 2012 ….

And finally if you haven’t place your vote in the Ideal World Beauty Awards time is running out . You can vote now by  simply visiting www.idealworld.tv/vote.aspx  fill in your details and select Love Your Skin from the drop down menu.

Thank you x