Today a picture of a rabbit used for testing cosmetics and skincare was posted on Facebook by one of my friends. Sadly it did not surprise and shock me in the way it has so many of my other friends that have seen it during the day.


I was first shown the results of animal testing for this industry, many, many years ago as a student whilst working in cosmetic chemistry. The images have always haunted me. That we as civilised human beings can subject innocent animals to such torture and pain in the name of ‘beauty’ is beyond my comprehension.


Advances in our knowledge and understanding of ingredients now means there is no need for such testing at all. However there are still major companies  that go on testing with animals regardless of this.


I suggest you ask the manufacturers of your preferred brands whether they test their products on animals and also remember to ask if the ingredients they use are tested on animals. Many companies  wriggle out of telling the ‘whole truth’ by saying that they do not test their products on animals, whilst the ingredients they purchase for making the products ARE tested on animals.


If you are not happy with this unnecessary practice then I suggest you research  brands that are wholly against animal testing and proudly carry this information on their labelling.


Love Your Skin -London, loves not only your skin, but also that of every other living creature. Beauty,  but not at the price of suffering.