Well, we did it!! Love Your Skin Arnica gel has won a skincare award at the Pharmacy Show Awards.

Of course we are delighted with this recognition for our unique formulation and presentation.


Natural Pharmacy Awards - Arnica Moisturising Gel Awarded Best Skincare

Natural Pharmacy Awards – Arnica Moisturising Gel Awarded Best Skincare

For years I have listened to and observed the effects of this magnificent plant extract. Unfortunately there is only anecdotal evidence for this and many of the more natural products on the market.

As the world becomes increasingly hung up on scientific proof and data as the only way to prove something exists or works, I feel we potentially move away from the possible solutions to a lot of problems that we have yet to solve. I wouldn’t mind but science doesn’t always get it right – dare I mention thalidomide and retinoids as examples.

Anything we can take orally or apply topically is potentially dangerous to someone, somewhere. But let’s not ignore the anecdotal evidence of our ancestors and current users of the more natural approach to solutions.

I am not for one minute making claims for the use of Arnica products – merely stating that the reports from thousands of users over hundreds of years is that it has a significant effect on easing muscular and joint strains as well as speeding the healing process of bruises.

This makes it the ideal product for all the family, no matter what age- children to pensioners – and at all levels of activity – from the least active to the most serious athlete. Anything that puts muscle, joint or skin under strain or trauma will benefit from an application of arnica.

In the maternity unit I have midwives applying it to their own backs and legs to ease the strain of their occupation, whilst advising the use of arnica to new Mums whose nether regions have undergone serious trauma and greatly benefit from the cooling and soothing gel with the added healing benefits of the arnica.

From playground, to sports field and ski slope – as the young and those older stretch, stress and strain, tumble and bruise arnica gel is the natural and soothing application to speed recovery – just ask a regular user!

And we have just won a pharmaceutical industry award for the quality, presentation and value of our LYS Arnica Gel – validation?

Arnica Body Moisturising Gel

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