Why do we always feel the need to reinvent ourselves just because the date has changed from 31st December to 1st January?

Sadly most of us, and I include myself, need the spur of an event, holiday or date like New Year to focus the mind on ourselves and how we look and feel.

I plan just as a result of 1st January 2012 to start getting earlier nights. Crazy eh! Needed them for the last …..years!  A real night owl, I stay up far too late and don’t get anywhere near enough sleep. I will let you know how I do over the coming weeks and months with my New Year’s resolution.

For many of us the New Year is the beginning of the quest for a new body and a new look. With detoxing and dieting high on the agenda of every magazine and endless tv programmes I offer  just a few words of advise.

Detoxing is like a spring clean for the inside and outside of your body.We are all prone to being a little ‘naughty’ over the Christmas period but embarking on fad detox programmes and using detox products is rarely the answer.

The same is true with dieting. So you have put on a few, or more  pounds over the holiday. To embark on any fad diet is to sign yourself up for failure. Statistically diets fail to deliver long terms results in over 90% of cases. And we know it: but we still do it.

I would like to see you combine the detox and diet resolution you are about to make and think of it more as a long term commitment to a New You than a quick fix which is almost destined to failure.

Detoxing requires a three prong approach to this body spring clean.

1. Increase your exercise. No, you don’t have to join the gym – you don’t need to spend that money. Just look at your normal day and think of where you can walk instead of ride. Think of where you can increase your activity within your normal life. Exercise is free.

2. Treat your skin to a regular top to toe exfoliation and wash with kind and gentle products that embrace and support your skin. Resolve to treat your skin well all year around and always feel this good about how your skin feels – create a regular routine. It will repay you with fabulously silky soft and trouble free skin if your bother to invest in quality skincare. And that too, does not have to be a major expense – just take a look at Love Your Skin – London to find quality, affordable skincare for face and body. Collagen Body Wash and Collagen Body Moisturiser are the perfect duo for total body skincare. Add in the Cleanse & Smooth exfoliating experience and its silky smooth top to toe.

3. And finally for your complete detox address your diet. Look honestly at what you are currently eating and drinking. You know what’s not good. Take the time to make a list of the healthier foods you actually enjoy eating. Plan your breakfast, lunch and evening meal foods and ONLY BUY that food.  Having the correct foods ready and available will help you stay on the straight and narrow of healthy eating without it being a chore. You will enjoy eating, lose weight without trying and more importantly start to get control of your eating long term. Ensure you also include your full 2 litres of water daily and just watch the improvement in your skin and the way your body functions.

Make this years resolution for a New You one that you won’t have to repeat again next year, and the year after….