Woman applying mascara on eyelashes

My ‘cannot live without’ make-up item is most definitely MASCARA – and I continue on my lifetime search for the perfect mascara.

Mascaras can give a variety of results from differing colours, to with or without fibres to add volume and length, plastic wands, brush wands, bent wands, with primer, without  – and of course waterproof or not! And none of this has been helped by misleading advertising which has at times even used everything from computer graphics and even false eyelashes to over-exaggerate the possible results that a mascara will deliver!

It’s a mascara jungle out there and with no way to try before you buy, the only way to usually find out if a ‘new’ one suits you is to buy it and try it! This can be a very expensive process as I know to my cost. I must have spent a fortune over the years on mascaras that I have hated and used only once or twice before throwing in the bin.

So here is a mini guide to my girls and my favourite – we all like something a little different and we’ve all found what we like at different price points – most expensive does not always guarantee what you’re looking for as my choice will show you.

Take a look:

Natalie – naturally very curly lashes, she is looking for separate, long, glossy lashes. Here is the result with her favourite


Yves Saint Laurent – Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara at £24.50 at House of Fraser

Charlotte – In my opinion she already has beautiful lashes on big eyes! But she is just as fussy (if not more so) about the mascara to show them off at their best. Her winner with a curved plastic wand


Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening at £9.99 on E-Bay

Me – lashes that with age are getting a little shorter I want a mascara without fibres that gives length and separates for a natural look! And just look what I’ve found – straight brush applicator


Boots Natural Collection LashBuild Mascara at ONLY £ 1.99!

See what I mean!!!!