Festival season is in full swing and there is lots of talk about fashion and hair, but people seem to ignore skincare over these periods.  Of course, dancing to your favourite bands is the most important thing, but with a few products you can still ensure your skin is looked after!

1.  LYS Complete Cleansing Creme Lotion – this multi purpose cleanser is ideal for festivals.  It can be used to remove makeup – including festival paints, and eye make up without having to use a toner afterwards.  Pack this and some cotton pads or tissues and away you go!

Complete Cleansing Creme Lotion – LYS – £22.99

2.  Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion for Face & Body – this lovely sun protection lotion can be use on both your face and body for easy sun protection.  It will help hydrate your skin too and is water resistant, so slap it on and dance away!

Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion for Face & Body - House of Fraser – £29.00

3.  LYS Floral Hydrating Spritzer – this spritz is perfect to help set your make up (or your festival face paint) but can also be slipped in your bag to keep you cool throughout the day.  It’s beautiful rose scent will also help stifle any less than fresh bodies around you!

Floral Hydrating Sprtizer – LYS – £19.99

Most of all enjoy, take lots of photos and make unforgettable memories!

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