There are many beauty sins out there, some of which I am guilty of.  Here are my top 5 beauty sins and how to avoid them.

1. Squeezing Spots

Most dermatologists would agree that squeezing spots isn’t the end of the world, BUT it’s far better that you DON’T!  Dirty hands, and applying too much pressure can lead to more pimples, broken capillaries and scaring.  I would always recommend going to a professional who will use their knowledge and professional products to get this skin problem under control.  You must also play your part in banishing the blemishes by following these handy tips.

> Empty blocked pores and blackheads regularly by applying pressure around the pore with clean fingertips (not your nails – they leave scars) pressing and rolling the skin to release and empty the blockage.

> If you wear a fringe remember to keep it very clean as the oil from your hair can add to the problem.

> Very often the problems you are experiencing on your face, are also present on your chest, back and shoulders.  Treat these areas with the same products for fresh, healthy blemish free skin.

> Apply an anti-bacterial treatment lotion/serum to topically treat the problem areas – I’d recommend our fabulous Purifying & Balancing Serum as a regular treatment to banish the blemishes.


2. Sleeping with your make up on

There really are no excuses here, sleeping with your make up on is a cardinal sin!  Nighttime is when your skin regenerates and repairs itself, so if you leave your make up on it clogs your pores and prevents your skin from doing the best job it can.  Avoid face wipes too, they spread germs and are full of chemicals that will damage your skin.


3. Boiling hot water

After a stressful and long day there is nothing more lovely than a hot shower or bath, but beware too much heat as you are damaging your hair and your skin.  It strips your hair of it’s natural oils, dries out your skin and can cause your capillaries to break leaving small red lines on your skin.  Water can be warm but not to the point your skin is red raw when you are done.


4. Wearing too much moisturiser

It is really important not to overload your skin when you are applying your moisturiser.  Your skin simply cannot absorb the excess and so it sits and clogs up your pores, stopping your skin from functioning properly.   With our Intensive Hydra-Gel Moisturiser, you only need 3 to 4 pumps for your entire face and décolletage area:


5. Biting your nails

One of my pet hates is bitten nails, not only do they look untidy but the habit itself is dirty.  We don’t think about it but our hands touch thousands of germs, which stick under our nails and then we transfer these to our mouths when we bite our nails.  Bitten nails and cuticles age hands and can also get very sore, so stop that habit right now!  My personal recommendation is to paint your nails, even when they are very very short, it makes you think twice before biting them.  I swear by Nail Magic for growing your nails long and strong (you can find this marvellous product here.)


I could go on all day with beauty sins and how to avoid them, but hopefully this has helped you with a couple that you are guilty of!