I’ve got some great news for you all – Chocolate is good for you! Ok, that’s not completely true, certain chocolate is beneficial to your health.  Now the type of chocolate that is good for you is anything with a higher than 70% cocoa content.  Keep reading to find out why…

Helping your heart

Studies have shown that eating a small amount ( 1 to 2 squares) of dark chocolate can actually lower your blood pressure and also increase your blood flow thus decreasing the risk of blood clots.

valentine's day neon heart 3

Less stress

We all know that stress ages us and it has been shown that eating chocolate can help to reduce the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) found in the body.    Chocolate also helps with the chemical feel good factor, as it contains tryptophan which the brain can in due course turn into serotonin (the happy hormone.)


On your face

Yes that is right – put it on your face!  Chocolate applied directly to your skin can help to tighten by maintaining the collagen production in your skin,  protect from UV damage due to the antioxidants (see my 5 foods to beat sun damage post here) and really help your skin to glow.


So without a doubt I will be hoping to get this beautiful egg from someone this Easter – now I have good reason to eat it! (Find it from Hotel Chocolat here.)