It’s that time of year again when we realise that pretty soon our legs will need to be revealed.  Not only is the weather tempting us to do it but the shops are almost forcing us too with beautiful dresses and fun playsuits.  It’s also that time of year when we remember that glowing skin isn’t a quick fix and we panic.  But fear not I have some advice to help turn your orange peel to super soft skin!


I hope that most of you exfoliate at least twice to three times a week – if you are not, start now!  Ensure that when you exfoliate you take care of those important areas.  By this I mean, spend a couple of minutes stimulating those pesky areas (top of thighs, hips, stomach) with a light massage as you scrub.  It is so quick and easy to do, that it is a beauty crime to ignore!


Now I can’t promise to make you as bikini ready as Ursula Andress but if you start body brushing you’ll be one step closer than if you don’t.  There are countless benefits to body brushing which is why it should become an integral part of your daily routine.

- It should only take 5 minutes, before your shower in the morning or evening.

- Always brush towards your heart to aid circulation.

- Be firm but not abrasive – you are aiming to increase blood flow and detoxify not skin yourself.

- Small circles in a brisk movement is all that is required to shift dead skin cells.

- Jump in a cool shower to finish off your routine.


Here at LYS our favourite body brush is the Elemis one.  But if your budget doesn’t stretch to £21 then try The Body Shop.

Oh, and don’t forget to moisturise after your shower, that skin needs hydrating too.  Of course, our Collagen Body Moisturising Gel is perfect for this.