30 May 2011

The Apprentice

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I thought I was all “Apprenticed” out after so many series; but I have recorded the episodes so far – just in case there is an evening when there is nothing else on the box. But my ears pricked up when I overheard a […]

25 May 2011

Those Feet were made for…….

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well, walking and standing, of course and dancing. But feet were also made to fit into beautiful shoes. What I love about the summer, almost as much as the sunshine (if we get any) is the beautiful shoes and sandals that we can wear. […]

16 May 2011

Tell it how it is

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I have always believed that if you really care about the job you are doing you have to have broad shoulders – broad enough to shoulder the truth of how others feel about what and how you are doing it. The only way a […]

13 May 2011

1st June – it’s a date.

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Hi all Love Your Skin devotees Our next Love Your Skin Show will be on Wednesday 1st June at 2.00p.m. on Ideal World shopping channel. I cannot wait. Time between shows is longer on Ideal World than on QVC as they do not have […]

03 May 2011

It’s a race to the finish

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Well, it is already a short week thanks to yet another glorious long weekend – but now I have to fit in a whole week and more, of catch up and events to get back on track. We are really looking forward to our […]